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Choices to Improve Life

Making Life Better

There is clearly no “one size fits all” formula for creating a happy life, but whatever style of life you live it helps to choose things that make life better  rather than get saddled with habits, products and people who bring you down.

Easy to say, but often not so easy to do:

Fortunately the massive improvements in technology over the past century mean that there are endless options available. Choosing well between those options, on a consistent basis means a better life.

Perhaps the most important aspect of all is Health. There is no doubt that our preferences along with genetics, largely determine what happens here. How we eat, how we maintain fitness, what we drink, and the decision to smoke or not will largely decide if we are vital and athletic, or over weight, lethargic and ill.

Hopefully the choices you make will see you in the vital, healthy group because this means far for fun, and far more freedom to chose in other areas of life.

In every decade for the past 70 years improvements have been building, one on top of the last so that now we can basically find a solution to anything, quickly, easily and in many cases cheaply.

Our homes and workplaces are increasingly filled with equipment and appliances designed to make life more convenient, more efficient, and less labor intensive, which should all add up to more enjoyment., and the speed of enhancements gets faster everyday.

The rise in living standards, the explosion of convenient and entertaining appliances also gives us the chance to choose what we do with our time. At least more than any previous generation could, and that usually means choices in leisure activities, holidays, hobbies and the like.

In every part of this life, there is a head spinning selection of choices, and it is our intention to bring you suggestions and options that help you make the best choices in health, fitness, products and appliances and leisure. You deserve a great life.



5 Simple Tips That make life Easier

It’s great when you come across things that improve life around the home but basically don’t cost a thing and if they effectively recycle products that would otherwise end up in landfill, all the better.

Here are a five ideas I found when cruising around on These are so easy anyone can use them.

Free Computer Cord Organizer

There is nothing in my life more frustrating than dealing with the gaggle of cords around my Desktop computer work station. I spend most of my time on my wireless based Laptop, but the kids use the Desktop, and between power cords, Printer cables, Router Cables, Speaker leads, and Telephone cables the area was always a mess. Here is an easier solution we just adopted to fix that problem

Cord Organizer

Dust Pan Frustration Buster

When working outside, the closest source of hot water we have is a small bathroom by the backdoor, but in their wisdom the builders installed a small sink, which does not allow us to fill buckets or other larger containers, so my kids tramp through the house, (leaving a mess in the process) to get hot water for their various needs.

Here is a cost free solution that now saves me cleaning time.

Dust pan pipeline

 Caught without a Cold Crisp White when a friend drops in?

I don’t have a wine cellar, and with a bunch of kids in the house there is not always room in the fridge to keep wine chilled ready for an unexpected guest, so I have been caught short a couple of times.

Here is a clever solution, needless to say I now have a dozen grapes in the freezer.
White Wine Cooler

Ending Confusion with Keys

If you get tired of trying to work our which key fits which lock, here is an easy answer. If you don’t want to use nail polish you can also buy inexpensive rubber hoods to roll on and get the same result.
Color Code Keys

Convert your Smart Phone into a Speaker

A simple solution using 4 cork board pins and a dis-used Toilet roll, Easy as.
Smart Phone Stand

Such a Waste of time

We decided long ago that it didn’t really pay to do what everyone else was doing with their spare time.

All you have to do to understand this stance is to actually look at the most popular pastimes of Americans as outlined by the United States department of labor.

Of an estimated 5 hours of daily leisure time, almost 3 hours is consumed by Television which is not a surprise I guess, but it is a concern all same.

A closer look at what is being watched is even more alarming.

According to media watch, not one of the shows popular among any age group adds the slightest to the quality of life of the viewer.

Leisure Activities of Americans


Of the leisure time not consumed by T.V, only 17 minutes went to sport or exercise, and 19 minutes to reading. These two activities might at least add something to health or education, although the subject matter being read was not disclosed so that might still be doubtful given the amount of rubbish published in newspapers and magazines each day.

This does little to help with the two most important factors in having a high quality of life, namely Health and Income.

With these activities it is little wonder that 29 million Americans have Diabetes, and an additional 86 Million adults have prediabetes, and that number does not even look at childhood and adolescent rates which are exploding.

Just as alarming, I don’t think there is much to be found in popular television shows (The Big Bang Theory, Criminal Minds, Orange is the New Black, The Walking Dead etc), that will help the average American to improve their level of income, do you?

Currently, 35% of all Americans are on Welfare, and that excludes Unemployment and some other social welfare benefits. It can be shown that over 49% are relying on government handouts to live, which simply does not sound like a high quality of life to me.

Surely it is time to get off the couch, put the drama filled newspapers and magazines in the trash and use our time in ways that benefit us?

The late, Mr Jim Rohn is a widely known, self made Rags to riches story who was  highly respected and sort after around the world as a sales and management speaker. When asked what is the one thing we should do to assure financial success, Mr Rohn is reported to have advised “read at least one new book per week, every week”.

So before we set out to look at holiday destinations, and other activities which would be at the top of most people’s lists, there is our Number #1 leisure activity, Read one Meaningful book each week  Easy.




Top Rated Coffee Machines

One of the first things we reach for each day is Coffee, and having a great coffee machine at home or in the office is a simple way to make life better, and save some cash for other improvements as well. has compiled a list of the top rated coffee machines for people who love good quality coffee but do not have patience or time for manual brewers.

When deciding which coffee maker to get, budgetary concerns are one of the most important factors in your buying decision. Mostly, auto-drip coffee makers are the most affordable options with brands starting at about $30. They also normally come with a carafe, so it is easy to serve coffee for a group. Convenience wise, the single-serving coffee machines will deliver consistent cups of coffee with no bells and whistles. With just a touch of a button the machine will brew a cup of coffee. Consumers can also choose from a wide range of different beverages. For coffee lovers who are serious about the coffee they make, then an espresso machine would be the best choice as it can make gourmet coffee and brings out the true potential of the coffee beans.

Best Rated Coffee Machines of 2016

Bonavita 1900TS is the Best Automatic Drip Coffeemaker

Bonavita BV1900TS

This could probably be the last drip coffee maker you buy  for years. The Bonavita 1900TS sets out to revolutionize the brewing experience for households. Bonavita 1900TS is one of the best rated coffee machines and it packs a serious punch, claiming that it produces the best cup of coffee from a drip coffeemaker that you will ever taste.

The Bonavita 1900TS is also one of the few coffee brewers that have been certified by the SCAA (Specialty Coffee Association of America) as one of their items of Certified Brewing Equipment. This machine can brew 8 cups of delicious coffee in just under six minutes. The Bonavita 1900TS boasts a 1400 watt heater that raises water to the preferred brew temperature of 195-205 degrees Fahrenheit, and has a smart designed shower head that enables distribution of water evenly over the coffee grounds for a complete saturation. This coffee brewer is also easy to operate. Read More

Using Inversion Techniques to Treat Your Spine

Two sure fire ways to loose quality of life is through loss of income, and ongoing pain, and one of the most painful, and incapacitating problems you can run into is back problems. Of course pain in this area should be assessed by a medical professional as soon as possible. Once  assessed one thing that your doctor may suggest is treatment using an inversion table and spinal decompression therapy. Under direction this treatment can help to improve the blood flow and eventually reduce the pain.

Please do not try to self diagnose, as the wrong choices could have significant negative results.

Identifying the problem.

Your spine is composed of vertebrae and disc’s. The disc’s function as cushioning between the Vertebrae, like shock absorbers which support your spine with complex positions and movements. These disc’s are very vulnerable and subject to deformation or wear and tear especially under unusual  pressure. They can also be pushed out of their normal position, affecting your posture and leading to immobility and pain. To minimize the pressure on your disc’s, spinal decompression techniques can be used. These can involve both non-surgical and surgical procedures. Inversion table treatment may also be applied. Read More

Looking your best, FAQs about Electric Razors

For men, success in the business world, and in attracting a desired partner are both impacted by grooming. Neither employers, business partners, nor bed partners are drawn to poorly groomed men

On a daily basis men must decide what to do to maintain or manage facial hair, and at the most basic level this normally means a choice between a old style manual razor, or a modern Electric Shaver.

The electric option offers a good deal of convenience that manual shaving can’t match, no water, no shaving cream, no cuts etc, but do they have the ability to deliver a close comfortable shave.

From that perspective lets consider today’s electric razors. They are clearly becoming  more popular due to an impressive list of features.

There are a number of leading companies producing ranges of shavers with quality options and components that provide impressive performance, designed to meet our criteria of convenience but also a well shaved, younger-looking appearance.

Choosing the right electric shaver for your skin type will prevent the likelihood of experiencing any skin irritation with your Electric Shaver, but with a wide range of products available their are many questions to be answered when making your choice. It is wise to rely on a leading review site for independent information. For this reason we turned to ShaverList and its FAQ’s regarding electric shavers for men.

FAQ’s in Electric Razors

  • Which electric shaver type is better, foil or rotary shaver?

Whilst each incorporates different technologies, both deliver excellent results. Foil shavers are used in an up and down motion, and incorporates an ultra thin layer (foil), which covers surface of the shaver’s blades, keeping the blades away from the skin, leading to a gentler shave. Foil shavers can offer closer shaves especially on flat areas of the face and are good for edging. A Foil shaver suits men who shave everyday especially if they have  sensitive skin. Rotary razors work in circular motion, they are good for longer hairs and are better in tracing the contours of the face. But they are not as gentle as foil shavers on skin. They suit men who need a good clean shave in the neck and chin area, and who have a strong beard. Read More

10 Surprising Facts about Coffee

Are you one of those people who really love to drink coffee? If “yes” then it is important that you know some of the surprising impact it has.

Among researches, coffee is considered a rather controversial beverage, but to millions coffee is their best friend. Most people really love to drink coffee, it has spawned an entire social sub culture, and it is the way a large portion of the population start their day.

Due to the distinctive taste and aroma of coffee, along with the caffeine content, many are mildly addicted to it.

So whether you are a fan or an opponent here are ten things you probably should know about coffee. Our thanks to the guys at coffeemakertech for compiling the list.

  • Press Coffee has the ability to raise the level of your cholesterol

According to studies, there is a compound called “cafesterol” which is typically found in coffee. The compound has the ability to interact with the liver reducing the uptake of good (HDL) cholesterol in the body and as a side effect increasing the relative concentration of bad (LDL) cholesterol. Research shows the compound is at its highest concentration in little brewed (French Press, Greek, Turkish) coffee, but that the paper filter used in drip  coffee makers actually removes most of it. So perhaps rethink you intake of espresso and boiled coffees. Read More